Alpine Cottage Quilting — Getting Your Feet Wet on Social Media

1468304491.pngWe had a great time last summer working with Alpine Cottage Quilting, a small computerized long-arm quilting business in College Place, Washington. The owners needed help designing a clean, streamlined website with integrated social media profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. They also needed a logo design package and business cards.

The owners are diehard quilters with minimal time to spend on social media. They do enjoy posting images of their work on Instagram, so we set up their website gallery page to automatically update each time they post to Instagram, gaining double value for each post.

They hope to build an online quilting community and support system via social media. They’re known for their humorous outlook on life as well as their high quality quilting services. You’ll get a taste of that in the near future as they develop their blog. If you’re into quilting (or wish you were), visit their website and follow their blog and social media pages. They’ll be glad to have you!



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